Oceanic Yacht Surveys provides hull surveys that fall into one of two categories: hull thickness surveys on metal hulls and osmosis surveys on FRP hulls. These surveys are meant to provide a detailed review of hull condition. Pre-purchase, insurance and C&V surveys all examine the condition of the hull as part of the survey of overall condition of the yacht. Hull surveys provide a detailed report on the hull and are required when there is a known concern that requires further qualification and potential quantification, or in some cases to specifically determine that there is no cause for concern in relation to the hull. 

The hull thickness survey for a metal hull is meant to determine the overall level of thinning (if any) caused by corrosion. Unlike spot-checking with thickness readings from potential areas of concern in our other surveys, this survey utilizes thickness readings taken systematically on a uniformly spaced grid.

The osmosis survey requires the vessel to remain out of the water for an extended period of time to ensure that surface wetness does not factor into any of the data being gathered from the hull. Osmosis can cause notable damage, however, except for some extreme cases, most damage can be successfully identified and subsequently repaired. The age of the yacht will have an influence on the likelihood and extent of this condition as osmosis is a slow process and material evolution and advancement makes newer hulls less susceptible than older hulls.