Oceanic Yacht Survey’s yacht purchasing process begins with a meeting to determine the potential client’s wants and wishes for their next yacht. This introductory meeting is free of obligation and cost to the potential client. Upon closure of the meeting, the potential client can contract Oceanic for our yacht purchasing service. 

Once contracted, Oceanic then performs research to identify yachts that will meet the criteria described by the client. Potential candidate yachts are reviewed with the client and shortlisted. Oceanic will then visit candidate vessels, performing a preliminary assessment of each. This assessment will result in a short written report or, in some cases, only a verbal report. The short report is not a survey.

Shortlisted yachts that have passed preliminary inspection will need to be visited by the client. Oceanic’s protocol requires that we accompany the client on these visits. Should a yacht meet enough of the client’s expectations, purchase negotiations then follow. Some clients may wish to negotiate on their own. If not, Oceanic is available to participate with the client to provide additional strength in this part of the process. Ideally, an agreement to purchase is arrived at.

In every case, this agreement to purchase needs to be ‘subject to survey’. 

Oceanic will undertake a full pre-purchase survey on the prospective yacht for the client. Because the purchase is subject to survey, findings not uncovered by the preliminary inspection (if any) can then be used to finalize potential adjustments to the purchase price.

The client, by completing their purchase through this program, has the comfort of finding the yacht most suited to their wants at the best available price with the best available knowledge of the vessel’s condition. The process cost is small compared to the value and comfort this knowledge brings to a purchase this large. 

Yacht purchasing consulting charges are billed as follows:

  • The services provided up to and including finalization of the purchase are charged at Oceanic’s posted hourly consulting rate, plus mileage and expenses where applicable (excluding pre-purchase survey). An initial retainer partially covering these costs will be required upon contracting these services.
  • The pre-purchase survey is charged at posted price based on yacht size.

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