Oceanic Yacht Surveys provides a high quality, in depth and detailed report complete with an abundance of photographs. Recommendations (where required) are clearly explained. The Survey Report is provided electronically in a PDF format, normally within 3 to 5 business days. To illustrate the quality and value of our product please review the examples provided.

An example of a Pre-purchase Survey can be seen here

An example of a Condition and Valuation Survey can be seen here

Pre-Purchase, Insurance and C&V Surveys

Survey costs are based on yacht size. While some may relate survey costs to yacht size using Length Overall (LOA) as an indicator, Oceanic ascribes, for these surveys, to a more accurate measure of a yacht’s size by relating survey costs to the yacht’s displacement, more specifically, the manufacturer’s specified Dry Displacement.

Oceanic charges $65 per 1000 lbs of displacement up to 40,000 lbs and $50 per 1000 lbs over 40,000 lbs, rounded up to the nearest 1000 lbs. with an $800 minimum charge.

A Valuation Addendum is not normally included in a Pre-purchase Survey but if required or requested, is an additional $250.

The Valuation Addendum fee is automatically added to the Condition and Valuation Survey charge, as valuation of the yacht is required for this report.

The cost of a Valuation Addendum is included in an Insurance Survey. The level of detail required for this type of survey is not as deep or demanding as the two types noted above, allowing for a more economic combination.

For clarity, three examples are provided below;

  1. One of the surveys provided as an example, the Formula 45 Yachts’ Condition and Valuation Survey, has a base cost that would be calculated accordingly. This yacht has a manufacturer’s specified dry displacement of 31,800 lbs. so, round up to 32,000, divide by 1,000 and multiply by 65 to arrive at $2,080. Because this is a C&V Survey, the Valuation Addendum is added, as a mandatory part of this survey type, at a flat fee of $250, leading to a full cost of $2,330 (plus applicable taxes). 
  1. The other example survey provided is a Ranger Tug R-27 Pre-Purchase Survey. This survey does not include or require a Valuation Addendum. The vessel’s dry displacement is listed as 6,950 lbs. Round that to 7,000, divide by 1000 and then multiply by 65. The result, $455 falls below the $800 minimum charge so the fee will be the minimum $800 (plus applicable taxes).
  1. As the final example, the Sunseeker Manhattan 70 pictured on our Home Page, has a factory specified dry displacement of 41,200 Kg or 90,846 lbs, rounded up to 91,000. Charges are calculated as 40 x 65 = $2,600 on the first 40,000 lbs and 51 x 50 = $2,550 on the remaining 51,000 lbs, for a survey cost of $5,150 (plus applicable taxes) not including a Valuation Addendum. 

Damage Surveys

Because of the significant variability of this work, Damage Surveys are provided on an hourly rate basis at Oceanic’s consulting rate of $125/hour (plus applicable taxes).

Hull Surveys

Hull Thickness Surveys

The Hull Thickness Survey costs are more closely related to the hull dimensions versus the yacht displacement and are calculated accordingly. There is an $800 minimum charge for this service. To determine the cost, multiply the manufacturer’ stated length overall (LOA) by the beam, both in feet, and then by $2. A 32-foot-long vessel with a 12-foot beam would fall below the minimum, calculating to $768 (32 x 12 x $2), resulting in a fee of $800 (plus applicable taxes). A 50-foot LOA with a 15-foot beam (50 x 15 x $2) would be above the minimum, costing $1,500 (plus applicable taxes).

Hull Osmosis Surveys

The Osmosis Survey costs are far more case by case dependant and can, based on hull condition and client requirements, involve significant time from a surveyor. For these reasons, case details are discussed with the prospective client to determine surveyor involvement and arrive at a cost outline based on Oceanic’s consulting rate of $125/hour (plus applicable taxes).

Yacht Valuation Addendum

The Yacht Valuation Addendum cost is $250 and can only accompany a current Oceanic survey. 

Vessels Beyond 24m LOA and Commercial Surveys

These survey costs are determined on a case by case basis based on Oceanic’s consulting rate of $125/hour (plus applicable taxes).

Docks and Boathouses

These survey costs are determined on a case by case basis based on Oceanic’s consulting rate of $125/hour (plus applicable taxes).